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Sports injuries in Columbia

An injury may suddenly put a damper on your everyday life. Don't let pain take over your life — come to Hickory Ridge Chiropractic Center to get effective treatment. One of our main goals is to provide comfort for you, since no one deserves to live their life in pain. Our chiropractor will expertly examine you and discuss with you your options.
Chiropractic adjustment

Spinal manipulation

Spinal manipulation is an effective way to treat back pain without using drugs or surgery. Our chiropractor is specially trained to perform spinal manipulation with little to no risk of further injury to your spine. After just one treatment, you may find that you already have relief from pain and have better range of movement in both walking and moving.


Physiotherapy is a crucial type of treatment to maintain your health after you've been affected by an injury or illness. Physiotherapy aims to improve any mobility or function that's been impaired, which can vastly improve your quality of life. In many cases, through many sessions of physiotherapy, full mobility and function can be regained.

Rehabilitative care

Rehabilitative care is often needed after major surgery has been performed and mobility or function is impaired. Our chiropractor can guide you through the healing process while maintaining your mobility so your body is affected in the least way possible while you are healing. We can also make sure that you are healing correctly so no mobility or function is impacted in a negative way.
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